Tour de France 2009 – Stage two – Le Rouret

Stage two saw us in the hills above the Cote d’azur, looking for a place to park. We happened upon the very cute village of Le Rouret, about 20 km east of Grasse. It turns out that the Tour de France is a good excuse for a party because the petanque pitch was filled with villagers, neighbors, and passersby like us.


The people of the village were making a few bucks as well. 5 euros is a bit steep for a sandwich, but it was probably the best one I’ve had in France. Tomatoes, little radishes, onions, lettuce, tuna, olive tapinade, LOTS of olive oil, salt and pepper, if you want to make one yourself.


While we waited for the riders to pass, we took pictures…


And then they arrived. Here’s the leadout group of four. They later got swallowed up by the peloton.


Then our first shot of Lance, although by accident. He’s in the mid-left of the shot, wearing the aqua-blue jersey of Astana.


Hmmm, now that I look at it I find it hard to see him myself. Try counting five back from the right!

Mark Cavendish won the stage today, as was expected by many. He has been virtually unbeatable this year and is by far the world’s best sprinter.

6 thoughts on “Tour de France 2009 – Stage two – Le Rouret

  1. Great photos! My fiance and I were at the stage finish today and the riders were just a blur. We’re going to Montpellier tomorrow and hope we can find a good spot!

  2. Found it amusing to read your post about the Tour de France in my village of le Rouret where I wasn’t for this second stage of the Tour de France 2009 as I was on the previous days firts in the wine resorts of Saint-Emilion for a cycling race and second at the top of the Tourmalet for an other cycling Race. Look at my second website and you’ll understand why.
    Shall sure show the kids your photos

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