2009 Tour de France – It’s Not About The Lance

Lance Armstrong subtitled his first book ‘it’s not about the bike’, referring to the fact that his amazing story was going to be about cancer survival. Luckily much of it WAS about the bike, therefore I subtitle my own little TdF series the same way. Why? Well, I am no idol worshiper, but Lance, along with the Tour, is one reason I am in France now. I started my mild obsession with the Tour in 2001, when Shoko and I happened to be cycling through France at the same time as the event. It is hard to ignore the Tour when it is on in France. Every bar and cafe has it on the TV, and the front page of all the newspapers have a picture of somebody on a bike for 21 days in July.

From 1999 to 2005 Lance Armstrong dominated the Tour de France, and I find it incredibly lucky for me that he has decided to come back from running marathons and drinking beer to race in France at least once more. So, this year we will get out on the motorcycle and see what we can see.

Saturday, July 4th is the first stage of the race this year. It is a 15km time trial in Monaco, about 350km from here. With a little luck, we’ll be somewhere along the route that day.

Here’s the route for this year’s Tour. Below is a link to a video showing each stage.



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