2009 Tour de France Team Time Trial Route – Montpellier, July 7

Sorry for those of you totally not interested in the Tour de France, but I’ve been getting a few hits recently on my previous maps of the Team Time Trial route and figured I should make sure it is right. This is the latest, and has been updated to show the true route. I got this from the official TdF site, so I think it is finally and totally correct.

I rode the route a few months back, and it is hilly in spots, with lots of quite sharp curves. I’m only guessing, but the part between Bel Air and the D5 (the middle of the course) could prove to be pretty technical for a team of 9 riders.

Update: Lance Armstrong confirms the above after riding the course with the team a couple hours ago (june 30th). In his words, ‘This 1 is different…’

Check this older post for pictures of the route. Disregard the map. It was the first one I put together, and not quite accurate.


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