Les Cevennes – Day 3

I woke up this morning with an almost-identical choice as yesterday, and incredibly I chose the right one again! The gorge I just rode down meets another one at Millau, where I spent the night. The straightest route back to Montpellier, 130 km away, was up over the escarpment I could see from my hotel, but the squiggly gorge looked a more gentle way, so I sacrificed the extra k’s to save my legs. 



And what a nice, relaxing ride it was! What this gorge lacked in touristy villages it more than made up for in rural scenery, totally ‘sans’ yesterday’s constant flow of identically clad French bikers on their identically German motorcycles. 

Next is probably a future picture for the blog header…


A little while later I passed this mill, water cascading all around it. 




And I was out of that gorge before my morning coffee…taken in the very cute village of Nant, which you can see in the middle distance of this next picture.


I did a little climb out of Nant and then had a long segment of very straight, very (friendly) windy road.



And I’m sure it was more gradual than this, but at one point, climbing a hill, I realized I was back in my part of Languedoc again. This next photo is definitely not screaming ‘water’.


I was making such good time I didn’t even notice I was climbing. This pass was a complete surprise, and the downhill a complete break pad destroyer…




At the bottom I was back in the Mediterranean…see exhibit #1.


Shortly after I crossed by the medieval Pont du Diable, near St. Guilhem le Desert (a must-see if you come this way). I have an entry or two on it if you care to do a search.


Then it was all familiar territory the 35 or so km back home. One final bridge before closing though. This one is right at the edge of Montpellier, in Juvignac, and until about 30 seconds ago I had thought it was Roman. I am only a thousand years off, but still pretty old.


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