More Green, With a Blue Tint.

Slow week at ‘the office’ this week and the sun is shining, so I’ve been out and about (pronounced ‘oot and aboot’ for non-Canadians…) quite a bit. I’m conjuring up another long-ish ride for May, but in the meantime I have just been rehashing old routes, watching summer come. Today I forgot my camera so the pictures will be crappier than normal, having had to use my iPhone. Here’s a shot from a little stretch of road I had never taken before – from a bridge over le Lez, near Prades and Montferrier.


And another looking towards Montferrier.


I took this next photo on the cycling path back into Montpellier, but something went horribly wrong. I think you can make out the leaves starting to grow on the vines anyway, which was my purpose. The vines seem to be the last holdout for springing leaves round these parts.


And lastly an old aqueduct on the outskirts of the city, just so I don’t leave you with something that looks like a Polaroid from 1973. 



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