Zoa, Fin, Jack and Paco

So I’m at the bike shop near my apartment, minding my own business, when I’m told there’s a ‘Canadian girl and and guy and two dogs’ coming soon to see about getting some things fixed on their bikes. Zoa came in shortly after, and while she was explaining what she needed to get done to Chris The Mechanic, I popped outside to say hi to Fin…and Jack and Paco.


Jack, horizontal (except for his left ear)…


…and Paco in his box.


These four have been cycling around Europe for around 8 months (their blog link is over to the right with the others) with their pretty impressive Surly bikes (check out the length of Pako’s bike…it apparently can carry just about anything) and mobile dog house (above, next to Jack).

Anyhow, they had some pretty major work to be done on their machines and it was getting late, so after consulting with Shoko (she had actually – and fatefully(?) – seen them earlier in the day at a cafe) I offered our sofa bed up to them, secretly wondering how the hell everything would fit in our tiny apartment. It all did, and here’s the proof.



We even found a space for the dogs.


As soon as we got them all settled in we had a very nice chat, some pizza, 6 Heinekens, a bit of Coteaux du Luberon, and some very tasty port that Fin picked up on the way over.

This is the next morning, loading up the Big Dummy outside our building.


Some Big Dummy detail…


I had a sort of day off today so I rode with them down to the Mediterranean to send them off in the right direction. A couple of shots of them in Place de la Comedie, loaded up.



And one last picture along the Lez river, on our way south.


I have to say this was a timely encounter for me. I’ve had a few things ‘bicycle’ floating around in the back of my head for years and meeting these four brought it all back to the front! More on that if my stocks ever go up…


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