Montreal to Toronto 2002 – Flashback #7

I’ve been out on the bike quite a lot recently, but am far too busy trying to shed all the ‘lardon’ I put on over the winter to take pictures or look around. So, a little more filler for you today. This is a trip I did back in 2002 from Montreal to Toronto.

I have to say that after being spoiled by Europe this part of Canada was a little…redundant. Much of the ride looked a lot like this photo.

Here is my old, beloved Maruishi Emperor (proof you don’t need a fancy machine to get from A to B) on the road outside Montreal. Check out those down-tube shifters!

2009-11-08 21;11;52

Here I am stopped at a diner, obviously out in the boonies someplace, and down the road putters this old guy on his lawn mower, parks it and saunters in to get a bite to eat. Finally, someone with a geekier ride than me…

2009-11-08 21;14;32

Soon after this encounter I arrived at my brother’s place for a day off, then it was another two more days in the saddle till I hit Pearson Airport.

Montreal to Toronto is a relatively easy week-long ride, but if you do it try going the opposite direction. I discovered too late that the wind in Canada goes from left to right!

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