Le Grau du Roi

The light has changed on the Mediterranean, or so I’ve convinced myself. Most of the winter has been dull, at least compared with the brilliant quality of light you usually get here. Anyway, the point is that this light reminds me of summer so I get a bit more motivated for long rides. It’s a nasty trick of course because it’s not summer, and the winds are howling nearly every day. 

So today I hopped on the bike after lunch for the long ride down to le Grau du Roi, a fishing village just over the border in Gard. The first part of the ride is a familiar one, using the bike path that flies by the airport on its way to the sea. From Palavas les Flots (on the sea) you turn left and just follow the very long beach. Here are some dunes along le Grand Travers, between Palavas les Flots and la Grande Motte.


My photographic talent is such that, I can not only make beautiful things look crappy, but can turn ugliness into something less painful than its reality. Exhibit A follows. This is a building in la Grande Motte, an old ‘futuristic’ beach resort, which today looks like a Jetsons ghetto. 


See, it doesn’t look all that bad, especially with the blue skies. You’ll just have to trust me I guess. The next town along the coast is le Grau du Roi, the saintly twin of la Grande Motte. It’s definitely a tourist town, but a fishing port first. 



And finally the view looking back along the sea coast towards Montpellier (unseen) and Pic St Loup (tiny, center, far away). 



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