Teyran and Beyond

I almost didn’t take the camera this morning, thinking I’d just go out for a quick spin on familiar roads, but good thing I did (in the sense that I have something for a blog, not that the pictures are any good…) because I found yet another new route north of Montpellier. After riding up past Teyran I realized that I had never actually continued on straight north, always cutting east or west after the town. I quickly realized my good fortune, by the number of cyclists on the road. Here’s one.


In fact, the first part of the ride today was littered with weekend warriors and club teams. Next is the tree-lined entrance to Montaud, about 15 km straight north of Montpellier. 


Not really sure what this next thing is, but it looked pretty rustic, sitting pretty between the pines.


This road led into a surprising little gorge ride that immediately reminded me of why I’m living down here, i.e. the riding is awesome! 


Sorry about that last shot. I was having such an excellent ride I really needed to force myself to stop and shoot pictures. No time to fuss about exposure.

The gorge road emptied out onto D109, an arrow-straight route back home. Here is a section on the northern part of that road, plus the obligatory shot of Pic St Loup.



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