Going to the Source #2

Both Shoko and I are kitted out with wooly tights now, and we have a weekend of very bright sun, so we took the morning to ride up to the source of our local river – le Lez. It’s an excellent ride, with a bit of everything…une bonne salade, my old French teacher might say. It started with a bench-lined bike path out of Montpellier.



Then onto a dirt track I found using my iPhone the other day (I keep looking for ways to justify this little luxury…).


Which brought us to a wide-shouldered, relatively busy road.


Which emptied onto one of those gloriously car-less ‘white’ roads we love so much. 


And finally to the source, which is really just a pool of water where an aquifer pops out of the ground. So here are our bikes by the pool. We ate lunch there, in a sheltered and sunny spot, before tailwinding it all the way home. The last photo is a street near our place on the ride back, decked out for the holidays.



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