Around The River – Gaspé, Quebec

This one’s for you Mike…

I’ve been pestered for ages by my oldest friend to ‘put a map of Gaspé’ in my blog (Gaspé is the place we grew up and still call home), so here you go buddy! For those of you who might expect some cycling and a bit of France, well don’t fret, Gaspé is in Quebec and the map is a real, actual ride Shoko and I did this summer ‘around the river’ (a phrase I’ve heard all my life, but now see how bizarre it is…how do go AROUND a river!?).

We didn’t take pictures, but here are a few of the actual river, and some places close by. I will say this though, when I was a kid it would have been inconceivable to ride a bike ALL the way ‘around the river’, and decades later I actually had that feeling before we took off from ‘the store’ (my siblings’ summer home, long ago my father’s store…not so long ago a strip bar…now a great place for family gatherings and a table dance or two…), but before we knew it we were back – only 18 kms I think. Funny how big the world can look to a kid.



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