Haute Route Pyrenees 2019

images.pngSept 22, 2018. As we get older our memories fade, which is probably why after only 3 years of not doing a Haute Route, I’m signing up for another one. My first HR, back in 2013, was pushed on me by my step-brother, Rob; in 2015 it was all Aaron’s fault for having a free entry to give me; in 2019 I blame John, who has never done one and wanted some company.

Whoever is to blame, I’m glad I’m making this announcement now because I’ll need every week between now and next August (17th to 23rd) to get reasonably ready.

As we did in 2013 and 2015, we’ll be putting together an informal team for the event, so if you are feeling like a good ol’ challenge, let me know.

And if you are thinking that Haute Route is just too hard, here’s an article from a friend who just finished TWO, back to back.

Oh, and this year HR is offering something called the Infinity Pass, which is your passport to any and all Haute Route events next year for the price of one one 7-day race. Yes, really.