Etape du Tour 2015

This was my 5th Etape du Tour, but I had the pleasure of not riding it this time because 44|5 had its inauguralEtape du Tour…um, tour. Apart from the weekend being a great success and giving us great motivation to do a repeat next year, John and I, while waiting for our 8 guys to cross the line, got to watch a couple of thousand of others do the same thing.

Both of us saw the first guy cross at 5 hours, then after a quick lunch, never missed a jersey or bike (we were looking for clients) for much of the rest of the day. What I want to say about this is that it was a lot of fun being a spectator of this mad event. We saw all sort of reactions to the finish line coming up; from cool disconnectedness to tears of joy; from cries of pain to final-stretch wheelies; from solo fist pumps to hand-in-hand ‘look no hands’. We saw at least one guy run across the line with his bike over his shoulder and one who rode over it with a flat tire. We witnessed cramps, heat exhaustion, and probably a few other maladies I couldn’t diagnose. And lots and lots of joy at finishing such a tough event. That was the best part for sure, especially since we’ve both been there many times now. My recommendation is that if you’re not going ride the Etape, find a spot at the finish line and watch it happen. You’ll like it.

Here are some random photos we took over the weekend.


Dan, looking proud of his medal.


Matt, our first guy in.



Fabio, waiting patiently in his SAS.


Carbing up on the first night.


Our awesome home for the weekend – La Colombiere


2015-07-19 11.56.30

The winner

2015-07-19 06.31.42