Critérium du Dauphiné 2011 Route Map

Now that the Tour of California is over and the Giro is winding down, it’s time to look forward to the last big ‘warm ups’ for Tour de France riders. The first one is the Critérium du Dauphiné, which runs from June 5-12. Who exactly will stretch their legs in the Alps this year? Cadel Evans, Tony Martin, Ivan Basso, ‘Vino’, Tyler Farrar, and about 170 others.

As usual, check Steephill TV for internet, TV and radio coverage options.

5 thoughts on “Critérium du Dauphiné 2011 Route Map

  1. I am thinking my gf and I will have to do the Amstel week or Dauphine next year, instead of L’Etape. Or maybe the Giro plus a Gran Fondo.

    The DL looks great!

  2. Sounds like a good problem to have, Tim. At least you’ll be here. It’s good to branch out and build the knowledge base, for sure. I’m planning on hitting the Giro next year as well, if the timing is right, so maybe see you there.

    By the way, it’s just ‘D’ now, apparently. The Libéré is now officially gone from the name, since the newspaper (of the same name) has now ceded all control of the race to ASO.

  3. Hi Gerry and Tim,
    Recently through Tim’s excellent newsletter you advised of a interesting package through Vodaphone France, for iPhones. I was wondering if this package would include iPad SIM’s as well? as I am considering buying one prior to our trip this year.
    I look forward to your advice.
    Also Gerry, congratulations on a magnificent run up n over Ven – too! Gutted to read you had to rest, but you did still make it, so good on you.
    I’m now in intense training in readiness to tackle the gradients of the Canal du Midi towpaths : P

    • Steve, check this link out:

      With iPad it seems to be different, but they have a few plans. The first one doesn’t look very appealing, but the others might, depending on how much you use the thing. It looks to me like there’s no long-term commitment with any of them and you can pay monthly, at least from a cursory look.

      The most expensive, at 31.90 with unlimited internet, looks pretty good to me, but then again I’m online nearly all my life!

      Yeah, I disappointed myself too, with the rest on Ventoux. I’ll go back and make up for it someday 😉 Good luck with the Canal du Midi. It’s not easy to avoid all those tree roots with a beer in one hand…hope to see you in the summer.

  4. Steve, I think you’d be able to get the kit d’access for the iPhone (pre paid), then put it in your iPad with the data recharge.

    Unless iPads are micro-sims (are they?)


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