Lasko – Day 11

Heading out of Ljubljana we found a beautiful little road that followed the Ljubljanica river towards the east.

Much of this day was spent along the river, or deviating away from it to hit the villages along the way. Here are a couple of random pictures of the journey.

Sure glad I wasn’t riding the motorcycle this trip!

We stayed in a place called Lasko, which I was really hoping was the same Lasko that I’d been drinking the last few days. Lasko is THE beer of Slovenia and apparently it did all start in this town. The whole place seems to be sponsored by Lasko. Here’s a beer cooler in the supermarket. Not much choice, but I wasn’t complaining. Lasko is pretty decent beer.

Turns out we arrived the day before the ‘Beer and Flowers Festival’, the biggest beer festival in Slovenia and, according to the guy at the hotel front desk, really didn’t have much to do with flowers at all. The whole town was busy getting ready for the hordes we thankfully missed by one day.

As a footnote, the other night I was recounting this story to some friends at a pub here in Montpellier. One of them, Marina, who’s mom comes from Slovenia, told me that her grandmother OWNED Lasko (the company, not the town…I think) till it was confiscated by the communist government. Small World story of the day.

3 thoughts on “Lasko – Day 11

  1. I love reading your travel section… wait it’s the only section LOL..

    I took a step back and realize that I just read the K-Mart flyer before I looked at your blog entry, and have come to the conclusion that you need to settle down more.. hahahahahaha… or is it that I need to get out more ….

    regardless keep up the great travel news…..for me it’s enjoying going to a football game and taking 350 pictures….

    Down… Set…. Hut 1….. Hut 2


  2. So which one was more entertaining? My blog or the K-Mart flyer…?

    I’m sure they have better pictures at least!

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