Lattes – Maison de la Nature

I sort of stumbled upon this place – la Maison de la Nature – today on a familiar route that takes me to the sea and back. I knew about this nature reserve of course, but never really stopped to see what it was about till today. Turns out it was a decent idea. Here’s why.

I think there are two paths that wind their ways through the wetlands, and at least one of them has a separate track for bikes. I’ll have to come back and see about the other one next time. In fact, this was near the end of my ride and the end of the day, so I only rode for a couple km (till I got stuck in the mud…). Very nice though, at least during the week. Nearly deserted, except for the thousands of birds that migrate past here.

And yes, I’m off my arse, as you can see. Strangely, my strict regimen of immobility made my knee and hamstring worse…so it’s back in the saddle for me!

2 thoughts on “Lattes – Maison de la Nature

  1. Nearby, and worth a visit, is the the archeological museum.

    Lattara (Lattes) was an important port and larger than Marseille in BC.

    The city site (behind the museum) has 8 layers of civilisation, and may include the only known Etruscan colony. Excavation continues and there is an observation point.

    Musée archéologique Henri Prades (Lattes)
    390, route de Pérols
    34970 LATTES
    Phone-number : 04 67 99 77 20

    Background info :


  2. Any recommendations on a guide/bike rental for a 4 day bike ride in Languedoc with a very fit senior (67) and teenager (15), and fit 55 year old (me). We are looking for a fun, scenic, culturally rich experience that includes meals and three star lodging? Your recommendations would be most appreciated…..

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